Little Falls, NY to Latham, NY II (8/21/2012)

Another Biking day today.  We do not seem to have any problems getting up to bike.  It was again very quiet in the hotel dining room.  The good news was they had “real” oatmeal and the waitress made me a HUGE bowl.  She got me some raisins too!  But, I could not finish it all.  But it was great.  We had 2 or 3 cups of coffee before taking off around 7:30 AM.

It was a foggy morning on the water in Little Falls, NY today.  And between the Mohawk River & the Eire Canal – there is lots of water in Little Falls.

Early morning fog leaving Little Falls, NY

We put our wind breakers on as it was only 55 degrees and damp.  In the first 10 miles, due to the hills, the jackets were off and on twice!  A good reason to stop and take pictures as well.

The countryside continues to be lush and green.  When we stopped late morning to take photos on the canal I noticed the ground was very hard and dry.  The traffic was not too bad today so we had no problem hearing the cacophony of crickets, cicadas, birds, and small animals as we rode along.   At one point a fox ran across the road in front of us.  Polly, who lives in Colorado, commented that it was a small fox; but it looked big to me.  Other than birds in the river, that was our only visual today.

Bob again chose to SAG and drove to the ABB SAG stop at 34 miles:  Karen’s Farm & Ice Cream Stand.  Nice people … the ice cream fortunately was not ready yet but Bob enjoyed a cup of coffee while we had our energy snacks.

We took off again through Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Niskayuna, and Scotia … all the towns I hear on WAMC radio.  There even is a Florida, NY.  We rode for a while on the Erie Canal way Trail and stopped at Lock 8 just as a sailboat was leaving the lock.  Polly spied another small boat downstream and asked if they would be entering the lock next.  SO we enjoyed seeing the lock empty, a boat come in, the lock fill with water and the boat exit upstream.  There are 57 locks in the 368 mile canal.

A sail boat leaves Lock #8

Boats must purchase a season pass or a 10-day pass.  The cost depends on the size of the boat.  Now that would be a fun trip!

Another thing I noticed again today is all of the Wal-Mart trucks.  Wal-Marts are everywhere and the poor little downtowns are about gone.  The small towns we rode through in just the last two days had some beautiful architecture and empty or struggling store fronts.

So, Bob & I are back home this evening wishing we had another biking day tomorrow.  But, work and appointments call.  Polly was so fun to get to know better.  She is a retired private school administrator and a huge people person.  She has a great positive attitude and can engage most folks.  I got such a kick today as I saw her waving to Budget trucks …. Our ABB Luggage vehicle (AKA “box.”)  Let the trip continue …

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Liverpool, NY to Little Falls, NY II (8/20/2012)

Herkimer History … not diamonds …

Can you believe it?  We are biking again!  That is the good news … the bad news … only two days.  One of our ABB friends, Polly, had to leave 5 days before the trip ended to attend a wedding in England (Long story).  She thought she would finish her trip in October and those of us riders from the Northeast said we would support her.  Once back from the UK she decided to do the ride now … and had someone to bike with her from Latham, NY to Portsmouth, NH so we offfered to bike with her from Liverpool, NY (Syracuse) to Latham, NY.  We drove with Polly to Liverpool Sunday afternoon.  We had a fabulous Italian dinner last night at a place we found on Trip Advisor.  We then met for breakfast at 6:00 AM so we could be on the road @ 7:00 AM (of course, afternoon showers predicted.)

We deciced we misssed the hustle and bustle and all of the excited chatter that we had each day on the the bike trip.  We actually had time to lesieurley eat and drink coffee (ooops .. no coffee – the hotel machine was broken! unbelievable!)

So Polly and I headed out on our early morning commute out of the city.  It actually went very well and soon we were on quiet roads.  Polly and I biked well together (she didn’t appear to be waiting for me).  We found Bob and biked back to the car.

The area is green and lots of small farms and HUNDREDS of farmstands.  I did not feel nostalgic for home.  I know I have a refrigerator full of vegetables to eat as we picked our farm share up about one hour before we left home for New York.

So, just like August 2nd, the distance was 79.99 miles.  My average speed was just about the same as well.  How cool is that? I did not pay much attention to the time we got in  but Polly thought she deserved Ice Cream.  (Of course, we could not let her go alone.)   the city of Little Falls is friendly and “quaint” looking so we had a fun time strolling through the Historic Markers.  Back to our room to plan tomorrow’s “backward ride” (the route for the person who parks the vehicle and bikes back to meet the other riders.

I hope we have an opportunity to share tomorrow’s adventures with you as well.  🙂