Welcome to Bob & Deb’s Amazing Bike Ride!

All wrapped up and on the way west …

We’re so glad you’re here.  Can you tell we’re excited!  On June 17, 2012 we’ll dip our back wheel in the Pacific in Astoria, Oregon.  On August 6, 2012… 50 days and 3,667 miles later… we’ll dip our front wheel in the Atlantic at Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  We’ll be using this blog to capture our experiences each day and share them with you and anyone else who’s interested.

Thinking about joining us on this epic journey?  The tour company, America By Bicycle,  http://www.americabybicycle.com/AAN/, has divided the trip into five legs.  You can do the whole epic journey with us or just come along for one or more of the legs..

Can’t ride along this time?  Then join us on these pages and share the trip with us this way.  I can guarantee you we’ll have days when we will need your encouragement and be boosted by having you along.


About Bob & Deb

Bob and Deb are happily semi-retired. We love running, biking, dancing, day hiking and traveling.
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15 Responses to Welcome to Bob & Deb’s Amazing Bike Ride!

  1. Kim Evans says:


  2. Bambi Chamberlin says:

    This is so amazing!! You two are my heros. When I grow up I want to be just like you 🙂

  3. rockersbud says:

    Big Brother Jerry gonna keep an eye on youz two…

  4. Janet Swem says:

    Just thought of you and found this! Good luck!

  5. expiney says:

    Friday, and you’re on your way. Love and best wishes from Ayer, and we are so looking forward to the updates.

  6. Denis says:

    Born to be wild 😉

    • Bob & Deb says:

      The only way to live is with a constant smile on our faces, Denis. You know… it’s the same smile you had on your puss when you and Dan did that bike trip!

  7. Claire says:

    Wow, it’s really begun. I was thinking of you this morning while brushing my teeth, then I realized that you were probably still asleep in West Coast time. How many of the other 50 or so have you already met?

    • Bob & Deb says:

      Hi Claire. Yes It’s begun…Oregon is already living up to its rep…sprinkling. The big meet-up is tonight so we’ve only met a dozen people so far. Biking to the Pacific later…. hope the rain stops.

  8. Evan Alberts says:

    Best of luck to you both, Bob and Deb! I hope you enjoy your trip to the fullest and return safely home soon. Take care,

  9. Chris Orlen says:

    Deb you are a terrific blog writer, it feels as if we are sitting around at Janice’s while you tell us about each day. Bob, keep those photos coming! I have a friend who was traveling through Oregon this week and she wrote that she passed groups of bikers coming through Makensie’s Pass – I thought of you, wondered if you were among those bikers.

    • Bob & Deb says:

      Chris we were very close to there (about 20 miles) but I don’t believe it was us she saw. We’ve seen many riders going the other way (lucky devils had a tail wind most of the time :D. I’ll be putting up many new pictures tonight and for the next two days. This trip most assuredly deserved to be on our bucket list.

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