Sunday June 17th – Pacific Ocean

Deb with the Pacific Ocean creeping in …

Well today was a big day for us.  We met 49 other through riders and 5 who will go as far as Boise, Idaho.  It seems I will never remember names.   More later.

We had a 3 hour meeting this afternoon with introductions and rules and expectations.  So much safety stuff I am now even more paranoid than I was before. Be safe!!

Bob dipping rear wheel in the Pacific Ocean

It was misty this morning but Bob and I were anxious to get on our bikes and get to the Pacific.  A 15 mile ride that included 2 draw bridges.  The scenery is so New England.  We dipped our wheels!  Did not stay too long as it was misty and chilly (and the sand was like mud).

We stopped at our first National Park on our way back – The Lewis & Clark National Park – I got my first 3 stamps in my National Parks Passport book!  Fun … we did not stay long as we wanted to do our laundry and grab a sandwich before our 3:00 PM meeting.

Off to bed as we have breakfast at 6:00AM – departure at 7:00 AM for a 69 mile ride to St Helen’s Oregon.  forecast showers (but I think here the forecast is always showers …)

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One Response to Sunday June 17th – Pacific Ocean

  1. Karen Slack says:

    I bet by the time you dip the other wheel in the Atlantic, you will not only know the other 49 names, but also there nicknames, their kids’ names, thier pets’ names… Glad you got your passport stamps! Have a safe and wonderful ride today.

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