Monday June 18th – 69 Miles to St Helens, OR

Well – it’s a first! First day that is … somethings here are kind of like camp … and today was “t-shirt” day.  So breakfast was at 6:00 AM – a room full of adults with the same shirt on!   trailer load @ 7:00 AM.  It was POURING!  We delayed leaving until 8:00 AM … all fueled up with no place to go.  Needless to say the roads were wet … we were wet … our bikes no longer clean.  We biked Route 30 all day – it follows the Columbia River and could have been beautiful if it wasn’t raining or foggy or both.  But over the 69 miles we had 2 significant climbs giving us an altitude change of 3,260 feet.  It seemed like the sun would peek out on the uphills and on every significant downhill it poured.  We had a 25 mile SAG stop in the Gnat Creek Trout Hatchery.

Bike all clean – again!

The Best Western Hotel we are staying at in St Helens had the hose out and a box of rags available.  It was a wash fest.  Filthy bodies with beautiful clean bikes. So Day 1 is safely in the books.  We are off to our 6:00 PM pizza dinner, instructions for tomorrow and, of course the Laundry Room queue.


Here’s the elevation map for day 1:  3260 feet

Day 1 Elevation Map


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14 Responses to Monday June 18th – 69 Miles to St Helens, OR

  1. Kim Evans says:

    I LOVE this!!!! So glad I can check in on you guys. A ride in the rain can be a peaceful thing!?! I’m glad you’re now warm and dry though. We are still in NYC, headed home tomorrow. Thanks for blogging for your fans out here. Hugs!! ~Kim & Al

  2. ds52 says:

    time for one more training ride! have fun….hugs to alll..

    • Kim Evans says:

      It was 100 degrees today…no training ride for me! I’m relying on muscle memory at this point…you think that will suffice? Maybe an early morning shorter run tomorrow?!? Or just hold out for Saturday??

      • Bob & Deb says:

        Looks like we may be headed for some hot weather tomorrow, Kim. Started this morning at 40 degrees and got here this afternoon in 80+ weather.

  3. Pat says:

    The Columbia River is beautiful, but that area is considered a rainforest! Congratulations on your first day. Sweet dreams.

    • Bob & Deb says:

      If it wasn’t raining I think we’d have stopped more often to look at the variety of vegitation…lots of plants and moss, lichen, stuff we just don’t have back home.

  4. Claire says:

    I hope the rain on the first day means you’ll have good weather for the rest of the trip! And I also hope those T-shirts weren’t cotton!

  5. Dave Walker says:

    Hey Guys, glad you are safe! I went to the Orthopedic Surgeon yesterday for a follow-up on my hip. Guess what? She gave me permission to begin riding my road bike! I can’t even walk without a limp and she says riding is okay. Maybe if I get some miles under me I’ll be able to meet you in Niagra Falls or Brattleboro. “Can if you think you can.” Have fun.

  6. Marsha Martin says:

    Gotta love that rainy day feelin!! I start my day reading your posts. Love it.

  7. Janice says:

    Nothing like riding in the pouring rain! Jst like starting out on one of our rides to Maine years ago. We were filthy! It’s fun to read about your trip. Keep it up.
    I had some unidentifiable vegetable in my bag this week and had to send Gloria an email asking what it was. Russian Kale.

  8. Denis says:

    Great job all!! I know that rainy ride feeling 😉

  9. Karen Slack says:

    Riding in the rain will always remind me of the ride to Montreal where they let us hang our socks and gloves on the edge of the roof to dry while we ate lunch. May you have as much interesting vegetation and less rain on your next leg of the trip!

  10. Bob says:

    Hope you dont get our heat. 97 today. Really fun following your trip and it was neat to see the snow on the peak behind Bob in the picture.

    • Bob & Deb says:

      It was 40 this morning and 80+ by this afternoon. The forecast says 80’s again tomorrow. Finally no rain… actually a magnificent day. There were snow covered peaks everywhere when we go to the top… 7 or 8 anyway, and Mt. Hood was just covered. No, probably not open for skiing 😀

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