June 19 – Official Day 2 – 75 miles to Welches, OR

Gosh it is amazing how time flies.  If you can believe it, we are up by 5:30 AM each day and are busy until after supper (time to sleep). Of course having to wash the bikes when we return, dry out our packs and clean and lube the chains takes a good hour or too…not talking about stuffing our shoes with newspapers … laundry …

We had an easy start today – out of the hotel and on the road by 7:00 AM.  Our first 20 miles were overcast but dry. But, they were on Route 30 – major route to Portland … so lots of traffic.

Columbia River

At Mile 22 we were able to get on some beautiful bike paths that went right along the Columbia River.  Beautiful and scenic except for the rain.  We could not really enjoy the flowers, birds and colorful housing as we needed to watch the path and puddles.  I must say we are here at a beautiful time of year.  The roses are out – azaleas, rhododendrons, daisies, beautiful wild violet-colored lilies -very colorful.  And, it is also strawberry time here…we went by a stand with maybe 20 miles to go  and tried to figure if we could carry a quart of berries. They smelled awesome.

The rain did stop and 15 miles from our destination I was beginning to think I might arrive dry. No way! Last 10 miles pouring rain… a good piece of that was downhill (of course).  We climbed a fair piece the last 25 miles but is was long and gradual.  We are headed towards Mt Hood but no views today (clouds).  Tomorrow, 5,000 foot elevation gain – most of it in the first 13 miles (I won’t eat too much breakfast).  We are told we should have spectacular views of Mt Hood and then we are in the high desert..  Can’t wait …

Thought of many of you today … those biking trips around new York and New England in K2 and K9 … we were awesomely organized.  This company(America by Bicycle) is too.  Very responsive.

Our group of 55 did suffer one injury today … no one in a group pointed out bike path “center pole” and the guy nailed it.  Completely warped his front wheel, broke a tooth and some bruising but he will continue after a day off.  “call those hazards!”   Another reason why I want to know who I am biking with. Hopefully the next 48 days will be injury free!  More tomorrow…

Here’s the elevation map for day 2… looks worse than day 1 but was actually 100 feet less.

Day 2 Elevation Map

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6 Responses to June 19 – Official Day 2 – 75 miles to Welches, OR

  1. Karen Slack says:

    Hopefully the high desert will take care of the rain and not be too hot. Can’t believe Bob is up at 5:30- impressive!

  2. Marsha Martin says:

    Funny you should mention strawberries. Picked at that place on River Rd. You were so right small but sweet. Thought about Karen’s Montreal memory and the pouring rain. At least you’re not lost and unable to understand anyones directions!! Always funnier after the trip! Stay safe.

  3. Claire says:

    Bob has a brother with a cabin in Welches, OR. I loved the high desert when we were there. Just remember to drink. It should be wonderfully DRY!

    • Bob & Deb says:

      Hi Claire. It was finally wonderfully dry, sunny and magnificent. Welches is a beautiful area… looks like a skiing and hiking mecca. Not bad for riding either when it isn’t raining ;>) Mt. Hood blew our socks off.

  4. Jack says:

    I’m enjoying reading about YOUR trip thus far, and of course it isn’t raining here (high 90’s today.) I’ll pray for some dry weather – and clear – so that you can see Mt. Hood.

    • Bob & Deb says:

      Jack it was a magnificent day today… a challenging ride but blue skies, sunny, started cold (40 degrees) and ended up at 80+. We’re staying in Warm Springs, OR at the Kah-Nee-Tee resort. The most amazing thing beyond spectacular repeated views of Mt. Hood, was going from totally forested mountains to high plains, to dessert plains… all in one day, about 70 miles and 5000 feet of elevation gain (and loss :D)

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