Day 4 – June 21st (Not our longest day) Prineville, OR

Morning at Warm Springs, OR – beautiful at dawn …

Well the high desert was much more beautiful early this morning.  It was beautiful and clear.  We were both asleep last night before dark so did not get to experience “the big sky.” Today was “an easy day” – only 60 miles with 3300 feet of elevation gain (still not easy for me).  Although it was sunny, the temperatures were perfect:  50 to start and close to 80 when we got in to Prineville around 1:30.  We had laundry to do and found a place to buy PB&J sandwiches for tomorrows long day (116 miles.)  Although we have several SAG stops which provide more than adequate supplies for most days (fruit, nuts, bars, peanut butter, cookies, etc) Bob & I have found that a PB&J usually gets us through 100 miles perfectly (and it won’t spoil). We had some absolutely gorgeous mountain views today (Bob will supply photos.)  We went through some gorgeous farming area off the main highway (alphala, flowers, horses, cattle, etc) – the only bad thing is those roads are tarred over gravel and my seat has become very sensitive after two days of that.  Hopefully nice smooth pavement tomorrow. So yes, we have sore butts but keeping up with the butt cream and we have sore muscles.  Primarily quads (need to climb more). We are trying to be vigilant about our stretching after riding and our recovery drink.  But once we are showered we actually feel fine. After no laundries for 2 days, our hotel is next to a laundry mat.  It was full of riders – sharing stories (and detergent) and tips.  Got our bikes checked and lubed for tomorrow and we are off now to our afternoon RAP with details on friday’s ride. Our tour leader, Mike Monk does a Blog ABB 2012 Journals if you want to read what he has to say – and he has photos too.  Miss you all …

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7 Responses to Day 4 – June 21st (Not our longest day) Prineville, OR

  1. Bob says:

    I have trouble imagining Bob going to bed before the sun sets. His image is going to suffer.

  2. Dave Walker says:

    WOW, sound like a really new experience for you both. Best time of the day is when the sun rises in the morning. Glad Bob has finally learned that lesson. Looks like more early morning rides for us when you get back.

    • ds52 says:

      early morning! yo! tomorrow late day – breakfast 6:30 and luggage load 7:30 so we get to sleep until 5:45! AND we only have to ride 83 miles … scariest .. 20+ on the Interstate!

  3. Karen Slack says:

    Only 3 days and already reading your blog has become a part of our daily routine. Thanks vorletting us “ride” along with you!

  4. Lauren says:

    Hello, Deb & Bob,
    I guess the advantage of walking in the rain is that you can still see through your squinted eyes – the slugs the size of cigars, oh, yes, & lots of other smaller curiosities. So, you saw Mt. Hood & Mt. Helens. Do you get to meet some of the people, here & there? What else do you notice about how people do or think of things? Wishing you well-Lauren

    • ds52 says:

      you are right about seeing in the rain. we were able to beat the rain inn today… so we did not have to wash the bikes! yeah!

      the mountqains are all around here … not sure what they all are . Strawberry Mountains this morning. Just gorgeous. The rivers and streams we have ridden along are great fishing areas BUT really not so many people here in central Oregon, We have not talked to too many locals … always busy ridingnbut the store clerks, restaurant and hotel staff have been very friendly. The area looks well cared for and green and wide open. Would love to hikeout here. the only political signs I have seen are for Sheriffs or Ron Paul.

      We loved having PD and Serena and Janelle pick us up. It was a fun afternoon.Serena is sooooooooo smart! She became more into mommmmy once we picked janelle up but we had fun!

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