Day 6 – June 23rd – Baker City, OR 82 Miles

Yeah!  An A+ day.  Beautiful blue sky and sunshine this AM. Cool jacket weather throughout much of the day.  We did a lot of climbing again but had some gorgeous descents.  And most  the climbing was done by 50 miles.  The wind changed direction a lot but clicked in for us the last 15 miles – a tailwind that swooshed us into Baker City with a rain shower in its wake.  No rain for us today so we did not have to clean the bikes!  Only the chain.  Our bikes have never received such TLC.

Outside Prairie City, OR

We have mountains all around us now.  This range is apparently the Strawberry Range.  We were either in the prairies or climbing through Ponderosa pined forests.  Spectacular!  the farms and ranches look well maintained and so did the animals.  Lots of cattle here, horses , sheep, llamas and I am sure the forested areas have deer, elk and skunks although we saw none. The group is getting organized into traveling parties.  It is interesting to watch that all shake out.  Bob & I ride together and like running into other riders on the roads or at SAG stops but feel safe doing it this way.  There are some terrible distracted riders out here and those who refuse to wear mirrors and think they own the road so we give them room. The tour staff are great.  usually 2 or 3 of the 7 are riding during the day – taking sweep positions at the tought climbs or end of day.  There is a mechanic on staff who is very knowledgeable.  Every evening there is a “Mechanics time”  where you can bring your bike to get checked or repaired or whatever.  We are responsible for basic tasks like cleaning and chain care but they will check any problem you think you are having. So I better get to sleep – although we have a late start tomorrow 7:30 – breakfast is at 6:30 and with this crew, if you want good food get there at the start!  Oatmeal the last two days for me … hopefully tomorrow too (see I am already thinking about eating again!).  An easier 83 mile ride – lots of down hill BUT Interstate riding for 20+ miles so I will have my worry mode in high gear.  On to Ontario, Oregon.

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5 Responses to Day 6 – June 23rd – Baker City, OR 82 Miles

  1. Nancy Smith says:

    I love reading your daily reports with my morning coffee.I feel like I am on a mini vacation!

  2. Karen Slack says:

    As always, we love following your adventures and I am so glad you have each other to ride with. It always feels better (and safer) to have familiar and trusted biking buddies! Sounds like the long day was a challenge but none of us ever doubted that you could do it. Love the pictures and all the details!

  3. Pat says:

    about time you had a dry day! You’re almost at the end of week one and I see you have a rest day coming up. Have fun walking on two legs in Boise and be safe.

  4. Janice says:

    I am alternately relieved and then sorry that I’m not with you. You guys have been working really hard between fighting the rain and climbing the mountains. Can you ever take a ride in the van?
    Thinking of you……

    • ds52 says:

      You know the “high” of actually doing it compensates for the “tough” times…we just want you to know how we feel. Yes you could get in the van …so far the only one I knownis the guy who smashed his bike & face in a Bike Path barrier day one. But he is back for full days now (new bike new helmet HUGE black eye & face. You would have been great ..the staff are very supportive and several ride each day. Keep us up on the home life …. we will miss our annual July 4th activities…boo hoo …. so after a 60 mile ride off! Butt healing!

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