Day 8 – June 25th Boise, Idaho 64.2 Miles

Well we are finally in a new state! Idaho! (I always called it the “h” state as the puzzle piece looked like the letter “H”.  I know nothing about Idaho so will have to learn that this week as we trace our way across the state.  We did fly to Portland, OR with a fellow who is a potato farmer outside Boise.  We biked by many, many farms today so I was wishing I remembered where he was from exactly.

Flat # 1 – Hotel Flat

After another great breakfast of oatmeal with raisins and fresh fruit we received our directions and got ready for Idaho!  Surprise! Bob’s bike had our first flat of the trip.  They call them “hotel flats”.  YOu wake up in the AM and flat tire.  Funny thing was after our time on the Interstate last evening we checked our tires and pumped them … but a tiny hole.  I think better before the start with assistance and equipment available is the best (rather than Mile 95 of a 100 mile ride).  So we were the last bikers out … got to ride with Jeff, today’s “sweeper” for a while.  Karen & Dave-O would love this quick minded punster.

Leaving Oregon after 8 days …

We rode through beautiful small ranches and farm land.  You can tell it is dry here, although the farms look very green, because of all of the irrigation going on.  “swoosh, swoosh, swoosh” of the water jets … The ranches looked well cared for and prosperous but what surprised me was the number of house trailers and prefab houses.  I expected something like “the Ponderosa”.  I think the our buildings looked sturdier.

Entering Idaho

The ABB staff who mapped our ride from Ontario, Or into Boise did a great job!  We were never on a highway or really main road.  We did go through maybe 1/4 mile of dirt road under construction but otherwise back roads.  Of course, this means navigation so more stops than usual but we are getting weary.

Idaho Bison

We have been seeing a lot of beef cattle (grass-fed) and horses and today a large dairy farm but today we were treated with a field of bison.  They were moving away when I spoke to them (unlike the roosters who answer me back …)  Very different country – our cameras cannot capture the vast valley we are in, surrounded by brown colored mountains (and an occasional glimpse of snow covered peaks in the background.

We arrived at our hotel shortly after 1:00 PM.  Luggage unload was not until 2:00 (we did not stop for a cafe lunch as we just wanted to “be there.”  We washed our bikes (again!) and then helped unload luggage so we could shower and get to the local bike shop.  AND we did our laundry so tomorrow really is a “free day” We had our RAP for Wednesday morning and had a barbecue supper.  5  riders are leaving us here.  We got to know 3 of them pretty well.  A talented young lady from Eastern Washington state,  18 years old, getting ready for college and a father and son duo who are doing the trip across country in “stages”.  There were supposed to be 2 sons but the other broke his toe just before the ride.  They are nice folks from Virginia & Indianapolis and great group people.  And now Bob & I are doing our evening communications and so looking forward to a long night sleep with no alarms!  We will see what we learn about this city.  We know it is the capital as we are not far from the “dome” … lots of museums around .. the rafting interests me but not if it takes much organizing …let us know how you all are doing and what life is like at home ….

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13 Responses to Day 8 – June 25th Boise, Idaho 64.2 Miles

  1. Irene says:

    I love reading your story everyday. I save it for bedtime. Thank you from the pictures I would say “unbelievable trip”

    • ds52 says:

      thanks Irene for the feedback. We find we have really isolated ourselves with riding … no TV, no newspapers (we use them to stuff our wet shoes with) and love to catch up on all our friends (I guess this tells us what is important in life …)

  2. Nancy says:

    Hi Deb and Bob!
    Sorry to hear about your flat tire but you’re right. Better to have it before you start out than in the middle of a ride. We had a beautiful weekend here – got some exercise in Cindy’s pool and got to watch a young buck nibble the apple leaves about a hundred feet away. He stayed there for at least twenty minutes. It was fun to watch. I’ve really been enjoying reading about your adventure every day! Glad you’re doing okay – you are both awesome to try this. Amazing! Take care…Nancy

    • ds52 says:

      Thanks for the news! The good news here is, so far I only lost one “toe cover” and I replaced it AND my hands are holding up well as they do little all day but hold handlebars .. no dishes, no weeding, no filing, etc 🙂 A life of leisure for hands! Off to walk the streets of Boise …

  3. Pat says:

    sounds like things are getting smoother without the rain and glad you are getting to enjoy the scenery. Hope you are able to walk on two feet around town tomorrow, I’m sure your butts will thank you. We had a lovely weekend followed by downpours and thunderstorms today, cool weather to follow. Flowers, birds and other wildlife abounding in early summer. Will you be far enough north to miss the wildfires in Utah and Colorado? Nasty results of drought years.
    Keep on truckin’ !

    • ds52 says:

      We do not go that far south – from Idaho we go to Jackson Wyoming and the to South Dakota … fire levels here so far have been low to moderate … state number 2 of 10 (plus Ontario, CN) — so much to see and so little time!

  4. Denis says:

    Been a while since I’ve been out that way. I think Boise is one of the prettier cities I’ve been through. fortunately I didn’t suffer a flat 😉 Hope the weather holds out for you all 😀

    • ds52 says:

      leaving soon to explore on foot … beautiful country (lots of bikes of all kinds!) – weather good … warming up the end of the week 🙂

  5. Marsha Martin says:

    Your mission is to learn the bison call as well as you know the roaster crow!! On second thought not sure you want those big boys wandering in your direction. Enjoy your day sightseeing.

  6. Jo-Ann Coles says:

    What an awesome experience you guys are having! Love reading about the trip, and so thrilled that you both are getting to cross off one of your ‘bucket list’ adventures!!

  7. ProfSharon says:

    I, too, am enjoying following you vicariously! Although a lot of travel is on my bucket list (I’ve done the camel ride in the Sahara!); I know I don’t have this one – at least on a bike. I’ve had the good fortune to spend 7 weeks driving across the country, and have crossed it four times via train – so I’m really loving being reminded of the beauty of our country. Hope you had a great day on your feet!

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