Day 9 (of 50) Rest Day – Boise, Idaho

We had a great day – slept in until a little after 8:00AM and decided the food would be gone if we dawdled longer .. sure enough .. the eggs were gone AND the coffee was gone …. but the oatmeal was GREAT and there was scraps of bacon and some sausage patties AND we could go to the lobby for fresh coffee … life is good after two cups of coffee ..

Beautiful sunny day .. we were surprised when we went out late morning to find a post office and tour the town how “chilly” it was … probably high sixties but chilly to sit in the shade.  We are surrounded by colleges: University of Idaho and Boise State (with the blue turf on their football field).   There is a downtown area closed to traffic that would remind you of Burlington, VT.   The people here are so nice.  Two different times, complete strangers offered us rides places (once, from one bike shop to another a few miles away, and another when we stopped a stranger in the street to ask for directions .. offered to drive us there).  WOW! Not sure I am trusting enough to do that at home .. but no wonder people say New England Yankees are “cold”.

Boise building art ..

We went to the post office with a bunch of items we know we will never use to mail home.  We wanted to see the city of 20,000.  Apparently the state of Idaho only has a population of 1.6 million.  So spacious is the word of the day.  The city is very clean and despite many modern buildings still feels spacious.  We found this boulevard of artistic works downtown –  just enjoyed the day.Our bikes are cleaned and ready to go in the morning .. we have a very short ride – only 53 miles to Mountain Home, Idaho.  We get to attend a “flat tire clinic” once we arrive …. We got notes from many of you about “doings” at home … really appreciate the notes to keep us from feeling isolated from who we are.  We are totally loving this adventure and seeing other pieces of this HUGE country …. we are starting to learn names and stories of other riders so that is fun but home is always home …

This is a photo of the Boise River.  It runs by the Boise State campus and  is fast!   There are many, many bicycle & walking paths through the area.  Very relaxing to walk through.  Went by the Log Cabin Literacy Center which I know would interest many of you … A bit of old architecture and some new … mostly it seems the people friendliness is a very real thing .. makes you want to reach out and be friendly too …. I guess the “golden rule”lives here …. “do unto others as you would have them do unto you…”   I think it is time to retire .. we had a great day and can’t wait to get on our bikes tomorrow! Butts are ready … legs are ready … Tetons, here we come!  Thanks again for the “news”!

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