Day 10 June 27, 2012 Mountain Home, Idaho

Well today was our shortest ride AND our smallest altitude gain so far … we biked 54 miles and only climbed 1,400 feet.  It felt like a non-event!  (don’t laugh …)  The only negative side was the packed gravel roads that get a bit jarring on the crotch …

We have now biked over 700 miles so less than 3,000 to go!

I guess no pictures at the moment – cannot seem to upload today (poor internet access) .  We rode out of Boise through neighborhoods and then about 9 miles of the Greenway Trail – one of many bikepaths throughout the city.  It ran along the Boise River and was pretty well used by both bikers and runners.  From there we had to go on the Interstate for about 20 miles.  The road was smooth so that was a big ++ but with traffic going by at 75MPH and triple trailers and weigh stations and exit and entrance ramps – I was tight shouldered at the end.  We regrouped at the Mile 25 SAG stop and spent the second half of the trip riding along flat desert land with scrub pines.  The moundy brown/purple hills in the background make me realize that this is a huge valley.  We had train tracks on one side of us and the interstate on the other.

I did see that Fire Danger is “High” here and we biked several miles through burnt out areas between the interstate and the tracks.  We were wondering if the burn was intentional or not, but no one to ask.

Loved some of the road names on the back roads “Cowboy Lane”, Snoopy Road (next to the Red Baron air strip), Oceanview, and even Bobs Rd.  I do entertain easily.

We arrived at our hotel at noontime so obviously our room was not ready.  Sat and chatted in the pool area for a bit.  Once I had access to my bathing suit I spent a bit trying to even out my tan … I suspect a hopeless task but the pool was nice and cool and everyone was cheerful.

Mike put  on a “Flat Tire Clinic” for us this afternoon – we gleaned some handy tips for preventing and changing flats (I hope Bob paid good attention).  It was well done.  We then went to RAP for our next 24 hours of instructions … 97 mile day tomorrow … temperatures expected to go from 50 degrees when we leave at 6:00 AM (breakfast @ 5:30) to 90+ degrees.  No elevation to speak of (maybe 2500′ gain all day) so our first real heat day.

Just did our pasta load and will be snoozing off so that the early wake-up call (4:45) does not alarm me …We will be in Twin Falls tomorrow: a bit larger city and where they do free fall jumping off the bridge … they say we will have time for pictures the following morning  ….

Again, thanks for all the updates … we miss our regular life even though we are totally enjoying this adventure 🙂

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6 Responses to Day 10 June 27, 2012 Mountain Home, Idaho

  1. Pat says:

    Deb, I think you will have earned a lengthy massage or three on your return.
    Keep cool, the Midwest is hot this time of year.

    • ds52 says:

      so far our weather (once we left the Rain Forest) has been cool mornings and into the 80’s now (I saw 88 at 1:30 this afternoon) but we are starting to head a bit south now soooooo…. are you working? have you been sailing?

  2. Chris Orlen says:

    Your regular life misses you too! The life you are currently living sounds intensely structured, but of course that is what makes it doable. Out here it is hot and lovely today. I cut out of work early so I could take a walk (yes it sounds tame – and a little lame!) and go to rehearsal for the Beatles tribute choir I am in this summer – guest vocalist Mitch Chakour and a hot orchestra holding us up. What a blast. Know that what you are doing is so inspiring. Scott Fitzgerald is wrong – our dreams can come true!

  3. Jack says:

    Rode by the condo today on my lunch hour, and wanted to let you know that it’s still there. Glad that you had an easy day – tomorrow sounds like a challenge. And Bob, as they say in Idaho, “Boise will be boise.”

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