Day 11 June 28, 2012 Twin Falls, Idaho

Perrine Bridge at Twin Falls, Idaho, United States, is a truss arch four-lane bridge over the Snake River Canyon.

Well Twin Falls is where Evil Knivel attempted to jump the gorge in 1974 (and failed).  It also has the only bridge in the USA where anyone can “free fall” without a permit.  We are getting up early tomorrow to see if there are any brave souls up and about on a ? friday morning (we so lose track of time/day/month.  will let you know.

We have again a very bad Internet connection so I am not even going to attempt photos tonight.

Dawn – leaving Mountain Home, Idaho

We were up at 4:45 AM for breakfast at 5:30 and luggage load @ 6:00am.  Bob & I were actually on the road by 6:15!  Dawn and the irrigation going .. sparkling the world.  We were so worried about the day getting into the 90’s we were only slightly adequately dressed for the 50 degree temperatures. Brrrrrrr

Our ride of 97.9 miles took us initially through small farms (agriculture) – not many animals but as we progressed across Central Idaho the farms became commercial and then the milk and beef cows were added. HUGE operations – I felt really bad for the cows.

Cows & a deer graze together ..

Earlier in the day we saw a large deer grazing with a herd of cows (pictures tomorrow) and we saw a very large jack rabbit running across the desert scrub.

Not much traffic on the back farm roads. Blue blue sky.  By 11:00 AM it was 70 and by 1:00 PM in the 80’s.  It seemed like the ride was mostly a gradual uphill or flat ( I can only think of one downhill) .. the wind was not at our back but fortunately not too strong.  We crossed the bridge into Twin Falls about 2:00 PM – took some pictures of the gorge before getting to our hotel.  The shade was nice and the heat so far has been very dry … so makes you thirsty without perspiring profusely.

We are in Bliss ….

I did the accumulated laundry and we had to walk 3/4 mile to dinner in a buffet place …huge variety of food but I personally hate buffets … RAP to talk about our short day tomorrow followed dinner.  Tomorrow we will go out after breakfast before luggage load at 8:30 to try to bike under the bridge.  Only a 38 mile bike to our next stop, Burly.  They have us doing a scavenger hunt on the way.  They will also hold a “care and maintenance of your drive train” class at 2:30.  The flat tire clinic yesterday was worth while so looking forward to learning more about my bike.

Some of you are probably wondering if we were tempted to bike in circles to make our 97.9 mile ride into a century ride.  Not in the least … we were glad to get off our bikes … we have now biked over 800 miles in 10 days of biking!  Hard to believe that this dream s becoming reality!

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8 Responses to Day 11 June 28, 2012 Twin Falls, Idaho

  1. Jo Cyr-Mutty says:

    It is wonderful to have dreams, and even more so to follow them. As enter my last decade of work, I have begun to formulate the “big” dreams, and hope that I do as well as you two at making them become reality. You are models of how to live a full life. My first step…get these kids out of college so that there is a spare dime around here.

  2. Marsha Martin says:

    I admit I was thinking about my first century and riding the parking lot!! Amazing journey. Getting my ties done in the am. Very excited. Enjoy the short day.

  3. Denis says:

    keep an eye out for the Jackalope 😀

  4. Dave Walker says:

    Just getting caught up on your adventure. Been without internet for like five days. Having new installation July 8th which will finally be my own. I’m so jealous of you guys and equally happy it’s such cool fun. Keep blogging and I’ll keep checking in… what was your number on the assometer?

    • ds52 says:

      we have not yet found an assometer – Specialized dealers have them, Maybe in Casper. Bob just put my white seat back on for tomorrow’s ride (only 65 miles) – I have had my old gel seat on for the last week. But the assometer measures your sit bones – makes an impression and then they can recommend seats with the correct shape for you.

      David, if you did not burn yourself out, you would love this ride. There is lots of testosterone here but everyone finds their own little group to ride with. Bob & I hang together and it works. Occasionally share some raod with others (but you know me … I don’t trust any one ..)

      I assume you must now have family in Maine for the 4th of July. Saw you went to trivia … having a good summer?

  5. Kim Evans says:

    Ok…you had me laughing out loud AND in disbelief that you didn’t circle for the even hundred!! You’re too cute and I miss you 🙂 Livin’ the life though…as you should be!! Hugs, Kim

    • ds52 says:

      guess we are getting complacent … I think we will hit 1,000 miles on our trip tomorrow … my quads are no longer sore … my crotch will never be the same BUT we are having fun. Enjoy NYC and say “hey” to Al for us …

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