Day 12 June 29, 2012 Twin Falls to Burly, Idaho

The Human Arrow – Twin Falls, Idaho

First, I did add photos to yesterday’s post.  (Marsha M.  check the bridge we rode over!)Well another long day but short on riding miles.  We got up so we could go check out the Free Jumpers on the bridge before we headed east.  A beautiful morning – low 60’s.  No free jumpers but several fellows planning to do or assist on “the human arrow.”   Two would be jumping from a plane with “wing suits” and parachutes aiming for the center of a large paper target suspended 100 feet above the bridge.  “Hopefully” (their words) when they broke through they would still have time to open their parachutes.  I think you have to be young!

After loading our luggage at 8:30 we headed east.  We had our scavenger hunt list of items in had and several hours to poke along.  We stopped at Shoshone Falls for photos and a 10% grade hill climb.  The falls are gorgeous – below the huge hydro-electric dam.

Shoshone Falls Idaho

We then meandered through very flat farms,  These were mainly smaller today and very flat.  But the mountain peaks in front of us are getting bigger.  People are getting nervous about the climb to Jackson Wyoming which I think comes on Monday.  I just know we have back-to-back mountainous 85 mile days BUT tomorrow is 89 miles and flat by comparison.  We are heading east to Pocatello.  Early departure at 6:45 as it is expected to be around 90 degrees by 2:00 PM.  Should be a fun day.

Deb & Bob Shoshone Falls, Idaho

We did have a “class” this afternoon on the care of our drive trains.  Chains, cogs and derailleurs.  After, most of us had our bikes out carefully cleaning so we don’t have squeaks and we prolong the life of the parts.  Tomorrow evening is “Safety Check”  as they want to make sure our bikes are in top shape for the climbs and descents of the mountains.  Guess I better “rest up.”

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4 Responses to Day 12 June 29, 2012 Twin Falls to Burly, Idaho

  1. Marsha Martin says:

    Holy cow, now that’s a bridge. I could probably cross that with medication and in the back of a van with no windows!!! Got to admit the view is beautiful! You guys are on the ultimate adventure, so very cool! Miss your smiles so send pictures of them too.

  2. bob says:

    You two will have no problems with the climbs. Last Sunday I rode with someone who did RAAM last year and he said the west has easier climbs than the east.

    • ds52 says:

      well those 4 miles at 10% grade (and altitude for me ) was the hardest climb I think I ever did .. BUT we did it and are off for the next challenge … have fun on the 4th .. we will miss you guys …

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