Day 13 June 30, 2012 Burly to Pocatello, Idaho

Well today was a fun day … feel ready to sleep and this morning feels so far away.  We had a 5:15 wake-up for a 6:00 AM breakfast. Yeah Oatmeal is back … but no raisins?  I notice as the days progress the oatmeal pot empties and the eggs and meat (bacon or sausage) seem to be staying full.  Riders are making the connection between stick to the ribs food and a good day!  We loaded luggage at 6:45 and were off on another beautiful ride through farm country.

It was a bit hard to see with the sun coming up in our eyes as we headed east but often the “mist” enhanced the views.  It was in the 50’s so we had our sleeves on … but by 8:00 AM had pushed them down.

“If you’ve never seen this area, the climate is really dry–only 9 inches of rain a year–and if you don’t irrigate the soil, the only thing that will grow is sagebrush.  An appropriate motto for Idaho is, “Just Add Water” and this area is a true testament to what you can do with a little water.  Along the Snake River plain you’ll find some of the most fertile agricultural areas anywhere, but only a few feet from where they apply the water you’ll find only dust and sage.  The contrast is remarkable…it’s either green or brown.”  I took this from our tour leader, Mike Monk’s blog because I could not have said it better.  Mike’s blog has some history and detail so I try to read it every few days.  The link is

One of the roads we rode down this AM had a cattle round-up.  By the time we got there the cattle were rounded up and in trucks – but some of the group got to see cowboys.  Despite all of the cattle guards we drove over today we did not see any range cattle until about mile 28.  The cattle guards jar your teeth but we seem to have to cross several every day here.

Out side a dairy farm in Seagull Bay …

We did have to go on the Interstate for about 8 miles today … my butt was happy as the pavement was really smooth but I far prefer to travel the back roads and streets even though the pavement is bumpy.  We get to see people’s yards, gardens, animals, farms, the red-winged black birds, jack rabbits and horses.  I have been talking to my rooster friends – even tried “cattle talk” We had our “lunch SAG” in American Falls, Idaho.  A tiny town of 4,450.  Hade my share of apples, oranges, banana with peanut butter and trail mix …. ready for the last 28 miles “home.”

the long flat road ….

I am not sure why, but is seems like no matter what the distance we bike, the last 20 miles seem endless.  We were between the highway and train tracks, so not much to see and the sun was warm.  As we came into town, I saw that is was 89 degrees at 1:30 PM.  The shade was very comfortable with a light breeze when we stopped.  Our room was not ready and unfortunately the pool was inside so no chance of fixing up the tan lines today … maybe tomorrow – a short 65 mile day to somewhere east of here …

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