Day 14 July 1, 2012 Pocatella to Idaho Falls

Idaho Road Sign .... really?Well some milestones today … our last day in Idaho (and I forgot to get a post card) AND we went over 1,000 bike miles …. that means we are 1/4 done and we have only biked in 2 states.

It was gorgeous this AM – close to 60 when we left with some big breezes – fortunately most were at our back.  Our fastest average speed of the trip today and that was with Debra whining most of the way.  Something I ate at dinner last night did not quite agree with me so I was rumbling all night – did not sleep well. 5:30 came early and we did bike safety checks after breakfast.

Bob – switching the directions over …

We were on the road shortly after 8:00 AM – mostly swift breezes pushing us through beautiful small farm country.

Now my biggest problem was I decided to go back to the bike seat I started with.  A bit narrower and a lot harder.  It felt like I was riding an ax handle.  I thought 65 miles would be OK to check it out.  Boy was I wrong.  We went through at least 10 miles of the hardest, pebbly roads you can imagine.  My quads and arms were tired from trying to balance off my seat.  By mile 50, after another several miles of pebbly roads,  I was ready to pitch the bike (or maybe just the seat) in the Snake River.  fortunately Bob had lots of patience and continued to ride with me despite all the moans, groans and cursing. He put on my more padded seat as soon as we had access to our luggage.  Tomorrow should be a better day (for riding anyway.)

I have found the last two days that there are more irritated drivers in this part of Idaho.  But any people you talk to are friendly, chatty and interested.

We are staying at a hotel right across the street from the falls.  They are man mad and nothing spectacular but there is a large park & walkway that was cool and pretty today.  Beautiful in the shade – warm it the sun.  As we waited for our room to be ready we did our laundry and tried to even our tans at the pool (but it was pretty hot.)


Tomorrow a 90 miler with 5,000 feet of elevation.  We are biking through Teton Pass to Jackson Hole Wyoming.  The almost 9,000 feet elevation has me worried about my oxygen … BUT slow and steady (and lots of water) gets us to the end.  I guess the next day is also substantial climbing as we will cross the Continental Divide.  Looking forward to a new state and new challenge.  Going to bed early tonight as breakfast is at 5:30 and luggage load is at 6:15 – we should be on the road by 6:30.

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9 Responses to Day 14 July 1, 2012 Pocatella to Idaho Falls

  1. Marsha Martin says:

    Slow and steady wins the race. Have fun and stay safe. Trying to follow you on a map, very impressive.

    • ds52 says:

      V-E-R-Y slow it was … but we prevailed (stubborn cusses) and are on to our next challenge … headwinds!

  2. Karen Slack says:

    I remember the road, albeit from a car. Take it slow and enjoy the amazing views. Wyoming was my favorite state when we camped cross countr; I am thinking you will enjoy it as well!

    • ds52 says:

      you are absolutely correct – as we left Jackson Hole we could see in our mirrors the absolutely mind boggling views of the sharp Tetons coming from Yellowstone. WOW! What a fabulous day … and the photos cannot begin to capture the beauty of the area.

  3. Chris Orlen says:

    Wyoming is so beautiful, here’s hoping it will not be literally breathtaking! Hope you are feeling better today. Book club will be seeming very tame tonight as we think of where you two are!

    • ds52 says:

      thanks for you kind words – i was feeling very chipper with my new seat and the stomach cooled out (I think it was the gooseberry dessert)… We miss our routines (like book club) but at the same time are so psyched to be living this dream adventure …. we are now thinking of an RV and lots of time to explore the areas we have found …


    Hi–Been following you from the beginning. It’s fun reading your comments and observations. After the divide it’s all downhill from there. The good kind of downhill. Oh, and I saw on the weather channel that from here on you’re only going to have fair skies and cool breezes. Have fun and enjoy the different experiences. Best wishes with each day.——I made up that weather channel stuff but maybe it will come true.

  5. Jo Cyr-Mutty says:

    I got out my map as well. Wow! Take it slow and safe today! I’ll be looking for that post this evening.

    • ds52 says:

      coming sooon ….. 🙂 Love the feedback – Bob & I take turns reading them to each other as we do our morning preparations ..

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