Day 16 Tuesday July 3rd Jackson, WY to Dubois, Wyoming

Bikeway Teton National Park

What a beautiful day.  We have dozens of photos to share but a very poor connection.  This bikeway was where our day started as we left Jackson Hole.  Stunning views and we were just off Hwy 26E.  They say there is all kinds of wildlife in the park but we only saw Bison – several herds actually. The first half of our 80+ mile day was gentle uphills.  My legs were a bit tired early from climbing yesterday but I think I actually felt the altitude more.  Envious of the 1/2 dozen Colorado residents in our group.


I am not sure why I lost my captions and story. The picture above is of Togwotee Pass (pronounced toe-go-tee) (el. 9658 ft) is a mountain pass located on the continental divide in the Absaroka Mountains.  The climb was not nearly as steep as yesterday – with plenty of almost flat areas.  We actually had to get ported over about 5 miles as he road construction crew  would not allow bikers.  So some opted to ride to the flagman and get on whatever truck they offered.  We were load 2 in the ABB van.  (I really wasn’t too disappointed to miss a few miles (my bike was with me).

The line of dead trees behind me marks the divide.  the road construction crews apparently have changed the terrain … I could only see water in one place and it was running west.  The next water I saw down the road was running east … so I guess we crossed the divide.

We descended into high desert and then beautiful “painted” stone structures – one of the brochures here called it “the badlands” – need to do research but it was just beautiful. The fire danger here is VERY HIGH so most fireworks for the 4th have been cancelled (so we don’t have to worry about trying to stay awake.)  I find the buildings and ranches and homes here much “sturdier” than Idaho or Oregon.  So far I have seen very few prefab homes or house trailers.  The ranches on the outskirts of Dubois had beautiful log homes, natural wood ranch fences, huge “tree” arches.  They reminded me of the log cabin and ranch toys we had as kids.

So, 4th of July, tomorrow is a “shirt day” so we all look red-white-and blue as we head to Riverton, Wyoming 79 miles.  We will be losing elevation and life will be good if the winds stay behind us …. some predictions of “easterlys”  which definitely won’t bode well for Thursday … but more on that tomorrow … off to sleep and then begin another day 🙂 Happy 4th of July to all.

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3 Responses to Day 16 Tuesday July 3rd Jackson, WY to Dubois, Wyoming

  1. Marsha Martin says:

    You guys will have one awesome slide show to share when you get home. Think we’re having rain today so may compromise the fire works here. Will wait and see. Very busy in the Berks with James. Think this is his last night. Hopefully the rain will clear for that. Went to the Brewery in GB last night. Was in a room with 7 adults and 9 small kids. So much for going to South county for a quiet dinner!! Enjoy the day.

  2. Bob says:

    Happy 4th. Missed you on the Brattleboro run.

  3. Irene says:

    You guys are doing great. I am very impressed with you kèp it up I am in Michigan and reading your blog every night to my family Thanks

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