Day 19 – Rest Day – Casper, Wyoming

beautiful feet make fast feet (or so they say ….)

Rest is the key word here … we were going to “sleep in” today … well, I guess 6:30 AM is sleeping in these days …. wide awake and ready for coffee and a relaxing breakfast.  Totally UNLIKE those on ride days. On ride days, everyone is at the 6:00 AM breakfast at 5:45 (not kidding – 50 adults in one little breakfast room fighting for first dibs on the oatmeal or eggs or whatever…).  I do have to tell you, that although we have known for ages that oatmeal sticks with you longest on active days – there are many converts in this group.  I have seen huge pots of oatmeal gone in 15 minutes. The night before last in Riverton, supper was catered in a near by “dance hall.”  The woman was wishing us a “good evening” and said “see you in the morning.”  I asked if we were coming back for breakfast and she said yes … so I asked what we were having.  she proudly launched into a list of sausage, eggs, biscuits, chipped beef gravy,etc … and I asked if there would be oatmeal.  She said she wasn’t planning on it BUT she did have some in the kitchen.  I told her it would be GREAT if we could have some.  I was surprised in the morning to find a large kettle of real oatmeal AND it truly was gone in 15 minutes…  lots of  eggs, sausage and other stuff still in the pans … oatmeal:  gone! Anyways, I had fresh fruit and a huge baking powder biscuit for breakfast with my juice and coffee. yum! We then walked the 6 or 8 blocks downtown.  Saw several in our group on the way back … they said “nothing.”  The city (population 55,000) actually reminded me of Greenfield.  Lots of government offices, social service agencies, banks and a few independent stores and small restaurants.  There was a bike store where Bob got some new socks and chain lube.  The girls there recommended a place to get my toes and nails fixed up. Primo!  Had a great time and I feel pampered. We found the Post office and a nice little place for lunch … pick your bread and walk around and build your sandwich – pay by the pound.  A great deal for me as I like a little turkey and lots of greens and tomatoes and different flavored spreads….Bob chose the Chile.  Oh yeah, while waiting for my toes appointment we went into a consignment shop.  Our clothes are out growing us.  No luck on the male side but I got a great pair of shorts for $6.00 – never worn.  The “big” size 8’s go home in the next mail.  I am tickeled pink! We caught up bills and computer work in the afternoon and decided to eat supper here at the hotel.  We had a pasta dish that was quite excellent.  And Bob had one of his best ever pieces of carrot cake … who knew?

Keep your messages coming. We love hearing from you all.  We are actually 1/3 of the way there! (and only on our 3rd state!) .  Soon 🙂

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