Day 20 July 7, 2012 Casper, WY to Lusk, Wyoming

I think we were both nervous this morning that today would be another Thursday .. except 10 miles shorter.  We got up early, got our Oatmeal AND fresh blueberries and were on the road by 6:30.  We thought it was going to be hot, but it was low 50’s and we wore our sleeves for the first couple of hours.  We left at the same time another couple who we often bike “near” did and made a plan to paceline together.  By mile 10 another fellow had joined us  and after the first SAG another fellow made us 6.

The winds were light and the roads were easy so we made excellent time.  We actually averaged over 17 MPH for the first 25 miles (very good for us).  We saw white “smoke” in the air ahead of us for maybe 20 miles … were hoping it was not a fire.  Turns out it was a power plant (coal I think).  Wyoming is a big coal mining state as well as oil drilling.  I did not realize that.

We ran along side railroad tracks and saw many trains with coal cars.  It was actually a somewhat pretty day – lots of prairie with mountains in the background getting closer.  There were black-eyed susans along the roadway the entire way.  Not much wildlife (alive anyway).

what is a jack-a-lope? Douglas, Wyoming

Mid-morning, about 50 miles into our trip we entered Douglas, Wyoming.  And finally found that elusive jack-a-lope.  Couldn’t resist the picture! We were all saying little yippees that the weather was so favorable.  temperature in the low 70’s and light winds.  So we did not hang around long … let us get to our destination:  Lusk, Wyoming. The rest of our trip was pretty uneventful.  Not a lot to see.  Roads were decent and we made good time.  It is rodeo/parade/Rawhide festival here in Lusk this weekend.  A little (and I do mean little) parade went by our hotel at 4:30 PM.  We opted out of the Rawhide “show” as it does not start until 8:30 PM and I am almost asleep now.  But, big doings in Lusk …

A couple of observations:  there are Wal-Mart trailers trucks EVERYWHERE out here … they obviously rule the world.  We see few political signs – most local races OR Ron Paul.  I do not bring politics up in conversation as the folks here are from all over and you never know their beliefs ….

Bike Maintenance

So, a good day today. we certainly did not feel like we had done a century ride when we were done so we must be getting stronger.  Tomorrow we go over the 1500 mile mark and go to a new state: SOuth Dakota!  We depart at 6:30 so I best get my beauty rest – after my most favorite supper (pizza and salad!)  Life is good in Wyoming!

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