Day 21 July 8, 2012 Lusk, WY to Hot Springs, South Dakota

South Dakota! State # 4

the road from Wyoming to Hot Springs, South Dakota (18E)

Good Bye Wyoming and hello South Dakota. It is getting greener already. Another early start today – we knew we had a lot of miles to cover (93) and were unsure of the weather. 30% chance of thunder showers all day so we were on the road by 6:35 and the temperature was 67 degrees.  (Looks like the same tomorrow.) We biked through farm land again … Route 18 East, good smooth roads and, this morning a TAILWIND!!  Not really much to see, especially when we had to bike through several miles of some fairly dense fog.  But, when Bob & I pulled into the SAG stop at mile 35 our average speed was over 19mph  (we ended the day at about 15 mph). At mile 45 we took a right continuing on 18 east and “kaboom” headwind again …. we pedaled our way to the South Dakota state line knowing we “had a short day” today.  One of the ABB staff was at the sign so we got a picture together before biking another 10 miles into the wind to the town of Edgemont for SAG#2.

Black-Eyed Susans line the roadways …

The last 25 miles of the trip were entirely different from the first 65 miles.  The land is totally green now withe lots of grass and pine trees.  We did a rather long (4 miles)  winding 6% climb and the headwind was gone.  Moving forward, 5 miles to go and a short, one-mile pretty steep climb but then a steep descent as well into the town of Hot Springs.  Temperature 80 degrees.  We chosenotto go into town to find hot springs but instead opted for Dairy Queen right next to our motel.  Yum! my Blizzard was good!

After RAP, describing tomorrow’s trip, we walked a few blocks to a bowling alley for dinner!! No kidding! It was catered chicken and beans and salad and mashed potatoes and veggie lasagna and was quite tasty.  The tables were set up at the end of the alleys and several stayed to bowl when we were don eating.  I opted to finish laundry and then my write up. Tomorrow is shaping up to be an AWESOME day (no, not the climbing).  We are biking to Mount Rushmore and will get to see Crazy Horse as well.   The National Park sounds like it is full of wildlife including bison and prairie dogs.  So early to bed.  The cameras are charged and we are ready for a new adventure. Oh, if you want to see more photos, Bob is creating albums in Facebook so go see them there.  (It is a very good thing we each have our own computers …)

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6 Responses to Day 21 July 8, 2012 Lusk, WY to Hot Springs, South Dakota

  1. Denis says:

    Mount Rushmore…stunning area 🙂

  2. Kim Evans says:

    I love reading the daily updates! Look forward to them at the end of long ‘kid-filled’ days 😉 Sadly, still have not been on my bike since the cape trip. But getting the running legs back for smuttynose! Planning to bike too though, but much harder when the kids are not in school all day. Ahhhhh, to be a Schilling…in the middle of the country somewhere…not a care in the world. Hehehehhee…Miss you guys. Look forward to riding when you get back…your legs aren’t going to know what to do if you don’t continue, so….!! Hugs 🙂

    • ds52 says:

      we miss you too … no running for us! UNBELIEVABLE! don’t miss it yet, we sometimes have to walk to restaurants 🙂 Tomorrow we travel to the famous “Wall South Dakota” – a town which came from a drug store. Have been seeing signs for several days.

      Don’t wish your kids days away – in a few years it will be you and me running – wondering when they will ccome visit! time flies. You just do what can comfortably fit in your life.

      Can’t believe we are almost half-way through our trip … going to go write about today (day 22 of 50) OMG!

      thanks for writing – hugs to you & Al & the kids

      PS It is kind of cool to only have to get up, eat, ride our bikes, shower, eat and sleep 🙂

      • Kim Evans says:

        I just the ‘ps’ to lilah and she said…”lucky!” hehehehhe!!!

      • Kim Evans says:

        Also, Kalen and I are making bets as to which state you will go through next. He says Iowa, I think Minnesota, but we really don’t know which part of south Dakota you are in. Our map is a bit vague 😉

      • ds52 says:


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