Day 23 July 10, 2012 Rapid City, SD to Wall, SD

CR 414 Rapid City to Wall, SD

Here we are in Wall, South Dakota; population 818.  For several days we have biked by signs advertising Wall Drug.  They have “everything.”  Well don’t waste your time … it is like “South of the Border” – the same junk in every store (and lots of food too.) Ho hum!We loaded our luggage late today – 8:00 AM … only problem is, it was already 80 degrees.  Not my most stellar 57 mile ride.  We had 14 turns before we got out of Rapid City so we could avoid high traffic areas.  This caused people to “bunch” into groups.  Riding in groups is not my number one choice (nor two, nor three ….).  Once we got on a road with 10+ miles without a turn, Bob put his rockets on and started passing groups who were dawdling.  It was an up and down road (which he loves) and he was flying (and I was dying trying to keep up.!)  Finally got to the 25 mile SAG stop for refueling!  And oh, I did not mention the strong crosswind (I guess I was tired from yesterday.)

After the SAG we went another 13 miles before getting on Interstate 90 for 20 miles.  I am getting used to biking on interstates – but it seems we always have a “twist.”  Today it was bridge construction where we had to cross the travel lane to get to the close left lane (and back).  fortunately there was not a ton of traffic … but a “pitter patter” moment.  And just to keep us on our toes, the last 4 miles on the Interstate was a long uphill (with cross winds.)

Once off the Interstate we were 2 miles from our hotel … thank goodness!  57 miles was quite enough for today.  The landscape we biked through was pretty bland (like the picture). Very green, occasional fields of cattle, a few trees, not too many flowers, lots of grasshoppers  AND we are back in the lands of mobile homes, trailer parks, and prefabs.  It would be interesting to study house building choices (kind of like the Three Little Pigs.)

I know Interstate 90 goes through Massachusetts (Mass Turnpike).  Did you know that Interstate 90 actually goes all the way from Boston to Seattle?  – following Route 20 most of the way.  Becket, Mass is the highest elevation.  I know I have seen a sign about South Dakota on the Mass Turnpike but I cannot remember why.

We showered and changed and walked the 4 blocks to Wall Drug … took a few photos and stopped at DQ on the way back for a Blizzard. Refreshing!  Since there was a full laundry mat we decided to do the two days worth of clothes to give us lots of options.  We had supper at a barbeque Buffet – okay and Bob is lubing the bike chains./gears for a long ride tomorrow.  (It is currently 7:30 and 95 degrees).  We have a 117 mile ride and should be able to get on the road by 6:00 AM – I am totally not looking forward to this day, into Pierre (pronounced like “pier”) te capital of South Dakota.  But I guess it is part of the experience …. I am sure I will wake up anxious to get on my freshly cleaned and lubed bike …

Wall Drug – Wall, South Dakota

Oh yeah! finally got Bob moved in!  Slow internet access again (and I think at least 1/2 of us are writing Blogs …)  Anyways … we will fill you in tomorrow about the next leg …

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10 Responses to Day 23 July 10, 2012 Rapid City, SD to Wall, SD

  1. Pat says:

    Anyone who has driven that stretch of the High Plains knows about Wall Drug. A let down for sure. Ain’t much out there. I remember going to the Corn Palace out there as well. If I recall it is made entirely of corn cobs(or something like that). Gotta do something to keep life interesting. Some of the most unrelenting dry dusty winds I’ve been through were in North Dakota at the cliffs of the Missouri River- but it was dramatic country. I was surprised to hear that they allow bikes on the interstates out there. I would be terrified of that. Take it easy friends. P

    • ds52 says:

      You were right – the winds were hot here … but very dramatic country- even tho not lots for amateurs to photgraph from the roadway – visually enjoyable (and I love the birds)! We will catually be in Mitchell, SD in 2 days – home of the “famous corn palace” .. I am thinking if we don’t bike by it, I may not see it….I have lots of songs to sing about this land we are seeing – we are totally impressed with the space and the sparcity of people.

  2. Chris Orlen says:

    Tough having this kind of day in that kind of heat! Oh well, it is as you say, an “up and down road” across the country and I wish for you an up day tomorrow. Becket is the highest point? Really? this is a good excuse for another trip to the Dreamaway Lodge to check out the altitude. Stay safe and happy………

    • ds52 says:

      Chris, one of our riders here LOVES the Dreamaway Lodge. Apparently one of his friends cooks there … small world!

  3. Karen Slack says:

    I think there is something about a SD town starting with “O” (?) being the second highest point on Route 90… May you have already passed that point and may the winds be at your back tomorrow! Wall Drug is definitely a low point!

  4. Denis says:

    I came that way from Cody back in 2004. I didn’t bother with Wall Drug but don’t recall why 🙂 Hope the temps and wind treat you well.

  5. Marsha Martin says:

    Pike sign says something like highest elevation since somewhere (can’t remember city name ) in So Dakota. Now you’ve been both places. Cool. Hope today is a better ride.

  6. Claire says:

    Yup, that’s a good day to have behind you. Funny about Wall Drug. I haven’t ever been there and don’t think I’ll change my plans to include it. Hope today is tolerable temperature. Will be thinking of you two today as I do everyday.

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