Day 27 July 14, 2012 Mitchell, SD to Sioux Falls, South Dakota

This is pretty late for us .. but we had a chatty table at dinner (a buffet place in the mall across the road) and then stopped for a glass of wine/beer at the Chicago Grill on the way back.  Saw a bit of the red Sox trying to lose … but it is actually dark outside!  And he good news is we have tomorrow off.  We sleep until we don’t want to any more and I can have 4 cups of coffee if I desire. Yes!!

We are pretty psyched because even after big dinners we just weighed ourselves in the Spa Room – 128 for me and 165 for Bob … we have not seen those numbers on a scale in 35 years … can’t wait until morning!

So .. the biking .. it was a 75 mile day but we had to find the bike shop(s) when we got to town so we ended up with 82 miles.  Started on a hazy morning temperature about 70 degrees.  Road with another couple for the first 42 miles – they were really good at breaking the headwind – persistent but not unbearable.  Our goal, get to Sioux Falls and a day off.

Cargill Grain Elevators – Canistota, South Dakota

My only photo today.  You could see these grain elevators in the distance at least five miles away.  They looked, in the haze, like the sky scrapers of Chicago.

Bob took a couple of pictures of a kids’ tractor pull that was going on in Canistota where our 40 mile SAG stop was located.

With warm temperatures predicted, we just wanted to get to our destination … green area, small farms, a few fields of cattle or horses but really little to see.  Trees are back, but well of the road so we get no shade.  Lots of road kill today to skirt around.  One of the folks at supper suggested we call South Dakota “the land of rumble strips.”  They do love rumble strips of all kinds, locations and sizes.  Their presence makes you pay attention as you never know when one will “pop up.”

We got into the city shortly after noon time and navigated the miracle mall 5 miles to a recommended bike store.  I sat on the ass-o-meter to measure my sit bones  … 1.43 but they had a poor seat selection.  So, back on the bikes we went in search of bike store  #2 … I did buy a seat … seemed OK on the way home but I was more worried about traffic … I will put my old seat in SAG #1 on Monday morning – just in case I hate it.  Bob got his chain repair tool (we got new chains yesterday) and some new gloves.

Back to the hotel and decided to clean the bikes today as it is supposed to be in the 100’s tomorrow.  We met the one new guy who is joining the ride starting Monday.  He rides a recumbent.  There are two other guys here, from Texas who ride recumbent bicycles.  They seem like old men to me BUT since Bob is the oldest … guess it is in their heads  …

SO no big plans for tomorrow … laundry and post office to mail stuff we do not use home (why carry it in and out of hotels every day?).  We are about 10 miles from the city center and/or the falls so I think we will stay close and relax …Will let you know what we learn about the area tomorrow ..

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4 Responses to Day 27 July 14, 2012 Mitchell, SD to Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  1. Chris Orlen says:

    I am not at all surprised by those scale numbers; you are both increasingly narrow looking in your posts and I know you do not have time for photoshopping. You were marked absent at the Green River Festival but I thought of you anyway, especially during The Guthrie Family set last night. It was Woody’s 100th birthday so the set was fed live to NPR. Observing and experiencing people and events in the US was so important to his writing. Anyway, it is a great weekend for music. And it is h-h-h-h-hot. Nothing new for you two, all we had to do in the heat was walk around and dance a bit. Congratulations on passing the halfway point!

  2. Denis says:

    I’m thinking the view from your workout routine position is better than most of mine, though I do like my elliptical quite a bit 😉

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