Day 28 – Rest Day Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Hello from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  We did not take one photo today (yet).  We are in the middle of commercial America.  Could be anywhere.  There are hotels, fast food restaurants, miles & miles of malls and stores, gas stations, etc.  it is five miles to downtown but I did not want to ride my bike today. I took these photos from Mike’s ABB Blog page because Mike can really capture the cool, humid, early morning feel of the ride.  The roads through this part of the country are just like you see … up and down and never ending (or so it seems.)  Mike’s Blog site is below use it to give you a different perspective on the trip.

riding through the South Dakota country side … interesting hills ..

We split up as Bob needed to go back to the bike shop and I had no desire to sit on my bike today especially on this “miracle mile” highway.  He was able to find back roads so he said it was a good ride … I had another errand and we met for a late lunch.  One of our biking group, Dave, from London, joined us.  Such a chipper fellow!  There are two Englishmen on this trip – both mid-fifties and both very positive people.  Interesting to hear their perspectives on things … and of course the accents …Mike will sell us a DVD with all of the photos he (they) has taken throughout the trip.  I don’t have time now to look at them all but it will be good memories.  They have been doing this trip long enough that they know where to position themselves to get some great photos.  (And be a SAG stop as well.)

Grain elevators in the mist …

So we are now back from my favorite dinner – salad and pizza.  A hearty meal and should hold us fine until oatmeal time in the morning.  We have a 6:45 AM departure but only 66 miles to bike.  Should be able to get there by noon, although it is expected to be breezy from the SSW … but we will greet Minnesota and continue the saga in our 5th new state.  I will keep you posted on how the new seat works!