Day 30 July 17, 2012 Worthington, MN to Mankato, MN

The road to Mankato

We cannot believe we have completed 30 days of biking across the country. WOW!  This morning was the usual scramble for our oatmeal and juice and coffee before getting on the road.  Humid and hazy so we turned our little red lights on.  We biked Interstate 60 for 30 miles.  It had a huge breakdown lane and regular stop lights (not exits and entrances) so the biking was pretty smooth.  It felt warmer than other mornings I think because of the humidity.  The sun was just coming up so you had to keep your head down and bike!  Not a lot to see … corn, soybeans and intermittent pig farms and processing plants. We biked in and out of groups of riders.  Everyone was pushing today (or so it seemed.)  Trying to beat the heat, possible thunderstorms and to get rest for tomorrow.  After mile 30 we went through back roads and farming communities.  They have nice barns here – beautifully constructed and nice silos too.  We did not stop for photos.  I have not mentioned our regular meeting of dogs off leash.  We had three today – saw a few others but I think they thought it was too hot to run.  Scary .. but Bob’s water bottle seems to do the trick.  One day, in Idaho I think, I had 8 dogs come after me … the weakest link …

It really wa pleasantly shady and beautiful … a welcome respite from the open sunny roads.  Much more New England-like with the trees and shade.  And we were following the Minnesota River too.

Supper tonight was at the Old Country Buffet.  I, who hate buffets am getting with the program …. Go in, find the pizza, get a slice to munch on as I make my way to the salad table.  Actually this one had a great salad selection.  I supplemented with another slice of pizza and some chicken alfredo fettucini.  The soft ice cream really had a lot of flavor AND they had fudge (not as good as mine .. but OK)  You should see the plates of food these bikers eat!

ut it was still 93 degrees and not so comfortable.  There was a train stopped – love trains.  Although we have biked beside tracks for several days no there have only been parked cars – no moving trains.  Love that plaintive whistle …  We loved this big old Buffalo statue too.  We have not seen buffalo for days now either.