Day 32 July 19, 2012 Rochester, MN to La Crosse, Wisconsin

Cyclocross #1 for the day … getting out of Rochester, MN

It was difficult to get out of Rochester, Minnesota this morning.  The ABB crew did a fine job finding us a “less traveled by” route out of the city … missing the major traffic (and only 17 turns before we hit our first SAG at 34 miles).  This road was closed, but the let us take our nice clean bikes through the mud!  It was about 70 when we left at 7:00AM.  The air was heavy with humidity and as we climbed the hills it was about 98% humidity .. making it hard for us to see with fogged glasses and mirror.  BUT it was not hot  .. just humid!

Unfortunately, on this trail another of our group fell and broke his collar-bone.  It was entirely his fault as he was taking pictures while riding  (a rule that has been brought up several times.)  Ray is now on his way back to London.  A fun, positive person in the group but a danger on the road.  We rode yesterday for a while with the group he was in, and I told Bob I did not want to bike around him as he was taking photos then as well.  While riding in a group of 7 people.  Too scary for me.

We got to do several hills today!  Can’t believe I was happy about that!  But me and my butt were.  Legs are a bit weary as this is the third day in a row with high mileage (110, 102, 90) but I love the change of terrain.  I think I would not enjoy biking as much if you just had to sit an pedal the entire day.  I will work hard up the hills, but let me coast down the other  side.