Day 34 July 21, 2012 Wisconsin Dells to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Day 34?  OMG that means only 16 days left … when it was mentioned at RAP tonight, there was a collective groan … can’t believe it! Maybe we could take a LEFT and head south … We are really into the groove now.

County Road designations … letters …

which road was that?

Of course, a nice biking day always makes you feel positive.  It was a nice morning with low humidity, in the 60″s when we left.  Bob & I both agreed that we could have been in Massachusetts.  Green lush farms and tranquility.  We were on back roads and through small towns most of the day.  We just had to take a memory photo of the route numbering system they use here.  They use letters, not numbers.  So “O” ends when it intersects with “D” at the “T”.  We got where we were going but it seems odd to us.

Bob andOlli at the Princeton, Wisconsin Bratwurst cook-out

And so the ride continued … we saw several pheasant and lots of small farms.  The farms are neat and well cared for is my overall sense.  We had some misty rain through the morning – enough to put my camera in a baggie but very comfortable riding.

two blocks from our hotel destination … a 4-mile train!

Our second SAG came at MIle 62 and shortly before, Bob was complaining about the shifting on his bike.  So when we got to our SAG in the Town of Ripon “Birthplace of the Republican Party” Bob asked one of the mechanics about it.  Turns out he had a frayed shifting cable – which they replaced as we waited.  Unbelievable service (and knowledge) we get from the ABB folks.  So, with only a minimal delay we were out to finish the final 25 miles.  Again nice back roads and a pleasant afternoon.  Sun was warm but it was not too hot.

We are staying at a Ramada Inn in the downtown section of Fond du Lac (foot of the lake – Winnebago).  Had to walk he 10 blocks to a laundry mat.  The downtown was pretty quiet,  Government buildings, law firms, non-profits, and small restaurants and bars … kind of sad.  They did have bike races 2 weeks ago and had decorated bicycles along the street.   We had supper here, catered and then the T-shirt swap.  It was fun to watch.  Bob did the swaps – had fun – and has a new t-shirt.  A pleasant evening – which now must come to an end.  I need sleep.  We do get to kind of sleep in (until 6:15) as breakfast will not be served until 7:30 with our luggage load @ 8:30.)  On this trip, I have not had the greatest “short” days so we will have to see what this 57-miler brings … Monday – a ferry across Lake Michigan!  We are soooooooooooooooo lucky!

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6 Responses to Day 34 July 21, 2012 Wisconsin Dells to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

  1. Karen Slack says:

    When Chris lived in Wisconsin, we used to remark on how much it looked like New England. Glad you had such a good riding day!

  2. Jo Cyr-Mutty says:

    It does look like New England, except perhaps a bit flatter? I always thought that the system for assigning route numbers to roads was pretty standard across the US. I never ran into a system that used exclusively letters. Good thin they seem to stick with upper case letters~ otherwise the dyslexics among us would still out there somewhere trying to find route “b”.

    • ds52 says:

      maybe it is just what you get used to but going on CR CR (County Road CR) just seems like a mis-print … not to mention XX … should we go down that road?

      Sometimes when the county changed, the letter changed – but not always … we were on “O” through at least two counties the other day …

  3. Bob says:

    Does County Road O become County Road D when you change counties? It sure would confuse me.

  4. Chris Orlen says:

    This leg of the trip sounds especially delicious – small farms, ferry ride, Niagara coming up…… is impressive how many littles universes you have ridden through. In spite of the different ways of marking roads (I’m with Bob – sounds confusing).

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