Days 36 & 37 July 23 & 24, 2012 Manitowwoc, Wisconsin to Ludington, Michigan to Mt Pleasant, MI

Ludington, Badger Ferry

Michigan: State # 7

Sorry we had to skip a day of writing and photos.  We were required to report to the ferry dock at 12:00 PM Monday for a 2:00 PM ferry.  The ferry actually arrived at 1:00 PM and then had to unload.  We walked on with our bikes about 1:30.  Although it was very pretty looking outside it was incredibly humid.  Bob and I meandered on the bike path for several miles while waiting for the ferry and were thoroughly soaked with sweat.  Once we got on the ferry we found seats in the back cafe area with lots of open windows and an easily accessible door to the deck.  We then got to sit there until 3:00 PM while they loaded two MONSTER wind turbine bases into the ferry.  Sweat city – no air movement.  We thought that would change once we started moving but the first hour of the trip was really uncomfortable with the humidity.  Hard to concentrate on a book.  Then the winds seemed to shift and we could get cool air on the deck – but very little shade.  So we kept shifting our spots so we would not end up with sunburns. The four-hour trip was really very smooth.  There was not a lot to see.  Lake Michigan seems as big as an ocean.  So the one hour delay put us behind schedule, we lost an hour when we changed time zones, we had to wait to get off the ferry until the turbine bases were off-loaded  then we had to bike the 3 1/2 miles to our hotel.  So, it was after 9:00 PM when we arrived – hungry for supper and dying for a shower.  Food first.  Some of us decided to take our chances on the hotel bar and others went down the road to Applebee’s.  Anyways, by the time all was said and done we only had time to brush our teeth and sleep until the 5:30 wake-up alarm.  (I won’t mention that we got someone else’s 3:23 AM wake up call …)

Western Michigan countryside

So we were late to bed and early to rise as we were riding our last century ride (100+ miles) of this trip today.  It actually was 114 miles.  A beautiful day.   The humidity was gone and it was about 70 when we departed about 6:45AM.  (Sunrise 6:26 AM – luggage load 6:30 AM).  Since we are in the western most part of the time zone, it stays light later (sunset 9:19) but the sun comes up later.  Our route took us on small county roads with lots of small farms.  (more corn and soy beans but lots of other recognizable vegetables likes squash, cucumbers, etc).  We went th rough several miles of fruit trees, that I later learned were primarily cherry trees – making me yearn for some fresh picked fruit.  Blueberries are ripe here.  The roadsides are covered with wild flowers – great colors ….

The miles went by steadily and we arrived at our current hotel in Mt Pleasant about 3:30.  Had time to do a load of laundry, take our bikes to have Mechanics to have shifting adjusted (new cables two days ago) and stretch before the 6:00 PM shuttle to dinner.  We ate at a Ponderosa Steakhouse which I have to say was my worst meal on the trip to date.  My complaint – the food was tasteless.  I never heard of a tasteless baked potato,  But I found enough food to make me feel human again.  We saw a salon on the way and asked the shuttle to drop us off on the way back so we could get hair cuts.  Done! We met some fellow riders who were stopping for a beer on the way back to the hotel .. joined them and we are now up too late!  BUT tomorrow is only 70 miles so we should be able to cope.  We won’t leave until 8:30 so are kind of sleeping in – my alarm is set for 6:00.  We will keep you posted!

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4 Responses to Days 36 & 37 July 23 & 24, 2012 Manitowwoc, Wisconsin to Ludington, Michigan to Mt Pleasant, MI

  1. Janet Swem says:

    Listen to you! “Only 70 miles!” How are we going to be able to live with you when you get back?!!!

  2. Janice says:

    It sounds like your “easy” day was not so easy. I was worried about you when you missed blogging for one day. Glad to know you are okay. Just got back from a swim in the Green River. It’s deeper and wider this year thanks to the work the town did in the river and on the dam. The tri participants should be pleased.

  3. Marsha Martin says:

    Looks green. Think you’ll be surprised at how dry things are here. Hopefully we’ll get rain so the landscape will be welcoming. Beautiful day here today. Low humidity, blue skies, puffy white clouds. Outstanding!

  4. Jo Cyr-Mutty says:

    It has been humid here, but somehow without rain, the grass and plants are dying of thirst. Would love some of the humidity to fall as rain…Sounds like you have been busy, whether on the bikes or not.

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