Day 38 July 25, 2012 Mt Pleasant, MI to Birch Run, MI

Birch Run Road ...

Birch Run Road …

Remind me never to say “only 70 miles” again.  It turned out to be 77 miles and we rode in and out of a headwind from the beginning of the ride until the end.  We were primarily on beautiful country back roads – with many turns.  The turns would give us respite from the headwinds, but as side winds they were formidable as well.  I kept having to exercise my left shoulder.  There was 40% chance of thunderstorms when we left at 8:15 this morning and it was actually bit chilly (mid 50’s) so we put our windbreakers on …for maybe 10 miles.  The cloud cover was partial a good part of the day so we did not feel overheated.  Just the grinding pace into the wind.on the road to Birch Run, Mi

these signs no longer intimidate us ... just another adventure ...

Random thoughts:  I cannot believe how many people in the USA live in house trailers.  I can’t believe how many people in the USA live in pre-fab homes.  I can’t believe how many people do not leash or pen their dogs.  Possums get killed individually but raccoons get killed in groups.  It seemed that most barns in Wisconsin were white or grey.  Michigan barns are red.payoff for a hard biking day ... Dairy Queen Blizzards :)

Tomorrow we have a 90 mile to the coast of Lake Huron.  They are predicting westerly winds for a change.  Then on Friday morning we bike over a “big bridge” to Ontario Canada.  We will try to get some photos of the bridge tomorrow.

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5 Responses to Day 38 July 25, 2012 Mt Pleasant, MI to Birch Run, MI

  1. Jack says:

    Sounds as though you left a pleasant location, only to run into a “birch” of a ride. And after tomorrow, Huron your way home! Enjoy the last 1,500 or so!

  2. Karen Slack says:

    Ah, sort of like the Nova Scotia “it’s only fifty miles” trip- not as you expected! Finally had a non-humid day here, we envy you all the lush landscape you are seeing. For tomorrow, as the Irish say, “may the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back…” …BTW, love your random observations!

  3. Marsha Martin says:

    We are indeed fortunate. I’m especially grateful for not having to go over the big bridge!! BTW this may be your first trip to Canada on a bike when you’re not lost!! Fun, good memories thanks to Mad Dog!!

  4. thebeav says:

    deb, was it the same ‘big bridge’ we ran over in the detroit marathon??

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