Day 40 July 27, 2012 Port Huron, Michigan to London, Ontario, Canada

Wow this was such a day!  Were down to breakfast at 5:30 and loaded luggage at 6:00 AM.  It was a good thing they had oatmeal today!  It was actually still dark when we got up – sunrise 6:20 AM.  Today was jersey day and we were told to be “in line” at 6:20.  The Immigration folks were calling when they “were ready for us”.  They actually did stop

Bob waiting to cross the bridge to Canada

traffic while the 50 of us biked over the Blue Water Bridge.  I am hoping to get photos from someone with a helmet cam or our ride leader who was in the lead van shooting photos.  Because we were fairly close together and there were two joints we had to walk across I really did not experience the height and awesome-ness of being on this huge span. We got to the other side and rolled into Customs.  They had already been given our names by ABB and they did not even ask to see our passports, which we each had in hand.  In fact, we sat at dinner with two fellows (our age) who just got passports for the first time in their lives … and were bummed that they didn’t even get to show them!  We were told to behave with no smart mouths!  We did.  First there was the grey van, followed by all of us bikers, followed by the white van and carrier and then our Budget Truck (called “box”) with all of our luggage.  The photos must be great!

We walked to the shopping mall and back before RAP at 4:45 and Bob cleaned our chains and we went to supper next door.  We had a white fish that was quite tasty and sat with a couple of glasses of wine and visited .. we don’t have to get up until 5:45 AM tomorrow! Tomorrow, Saturday is a “short” ride, 68 miles to Brantford Ontario.  Brantford is sometimes known by its style The Telephone City, as a former city resident, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone on the community’s outskirts and conducted the first distant telephone call from the Brantford to Paris, Ontario in 1876. It is also the birthplace of hockey player Wayne Gretzky, comedian Phil Hartman, as well as Group of Seven member Lawren Harris AND Jay Silverheels, otherwise known as Tonto.  It should be an exciting day! Bob & I have biked over 3,000 miles!  Wow!  We have only 9 biking days left and one day off in Niagara Falls.   This is totally surreal …