Day 42 July 29, 2012 Brantford, Ontario to Niagara Falls, NY

Welcome to New York – State # 8 !

We are back on our home turf (so to speak).  We crossed into New York about 2:30 this afternoon.  We are in state # 8 (not counting Ontario, Canada) and have now cycled over 3,200 miles.  Even WE cannot believe it.  A week from now at this time we will be having our last dinner with our cycling family of the last seven weeks.  But, I am not going to think about that now.   We woke up to a relatively cool and sunny morning.  Our breakfast was as good as last night’s dinner.  Homemade oatmeal!  It was too bad we could not linger over several cups of coffee.  When we left at 7:00 AM traffic was calm so it was a pretty easy 5 1/2 miles ot of Brantford to the country roads. The first (and only) SAG was at Mile 35.  There was a fellow there who had done the North ride 2 years ago.  He brought some great pecan pie tarts.  They went perfect with my banana half and peanut butter.  The second half of the ride we finally had a few hills so we could get out of our seats. I do not think I could ever live somewhere flat AND enjoy biking.Ontario Countryside

The farms are getting smaller and closer together.  Beautiful blue sky today.  But my main memory was the sounds of the crickets and ciccadas as we rolled down the roads.  We were actually on pretty rural roads until 72 miles into our 75 mile trip today.

We then did the photos and decided to get in line to come back to the US.  It actually tookus less than 15 minutes.  Immigration Officers and people driving through in their cars were interested in our story.  (It is pretty amazing!) We got checked into our hotel a bit after 3:00 with time to get organized, washed up and changed for our 4:45 RAP and mechanics.  I had my shifting adjusted and Bob had is front brake checked.  After some debate, we changed our rear tires.  We figure they have about 3400 miles on them so a good preventative measure to take with one week to go.  A too big meal at Denny’s but tomorrow I will be hunting for good pizza.  To bed early … the 10:00 PM fireworks seem like too much work tonight.  No alarm in the AM and we think we will do some fun touristy things … like Maid of the Mist … until then … Happy Week!

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