Day 45 August 1, 2012 Henrietta, NY to Liverpool, New York

Bob @ the Eire Canal Canalway Trail

Well this was actually a bike ride from Rochester, NY to Syracuse, NY (don’t let the Henrietta to Liverpool confuse you.) We have been able to bypass the “cities” beautifully.  I remember the bike trip to Niagara Falls with the Shattucks and Jeff & Shali and getting in and out of Rochester was a horror.  This trip made it easy.   It was so overcast this morning we were sure we were going to get rained on.  We did not!  Yeah!  In fact today at 9:40 it was 63 degrees while yesterday at the same time it was 90 degrees.  But, after noon the sun peeped out and it did get warm.

So we got to bike 23 miles along the canal trail until we reached Palmyra, NY.  “Palmyra is the birthplace of the Latter Day Saint movement and Mormonism. Founder Joseph Smith, Jr., whose family lived on a farm that straddled the line between Palmyra and Manchester, claimed to have been visited by God the Father and Jesus Christ in 1820, an event known as the First Vision. In 1830 the Book of Mormon was first published in the village of Palmyra by E.B. Grandin.”  I learned something new today!

We found a Wal-Mart in Newark after our first SAG stop.  Bob’s Cyclometer stopped working yesterday – it appears to be a wire malfunction so he has had to rely on me for miles.  He can read his cue sheet but I had to tell him my mileage … frustrating.  So, we stopped in and found a perfectly good cyclometer to get him through he next 5 days.  Worth the stop even though we were trailed by the sweep for a while.   We had rolling hills so I got to get my butt out of the seat some.  We are no longer having chafing issues and Bob is very happy with his seat but after 50 miles (or 3 hours) my seat is HARD and I just need to move.  I refuse to buy another seat while I am away from home and cannot return it.  And yes, our shoulder still get sore occasionally but we have learned to stretch, to move, and to know that once we stop all discomfort will be gone.

On our way into Liverpool we again were directed onto a bike path.  This one went along a lake.It was just beautiful and had many people doing different activities.  “Onondaga Lake Park is located on the eastern shore of Onondaga Lake outside of Syracuse, New York at 6790 Onondaga Lake Trail in Liverpool.  The park offers seven miles (11 km) of shoreline nooks and crannies that provide options for family picnics, including developed areas in Willow Bay and Cold Springs. It has long been the park of choice for many special events, sporting competitions and festivals and attracts over one million visitors each year.”  Although it is in the Finger Lakes region – it is not considered one of the 11 Finger Lakes.  (But,it was pretty and peaceful looking.)

Once we got to the hotel – it was another bike washing session.  We even have this down to a pattern.  Most hotels give us old towels to use and have a hose ready to use.  Bob got some “Simple green” and you cannot believe how good our chains look.  Add a little lube and oil and we are ready for tomorrow.  About 80 miles tomorrow.  The weather looks good and we are making our way to Little Falls. (Utica)  I do love learning new things ….