Day 46 August 2, 2012 Liverpool, NY to Little Falls, Ny

Little Falls, NY tunnel graffiti …

bikes and horses too?

Like Tina Turner, you might ask “What’s love got to do with it?”  Well … everything.  Back in 1972 Bob was going to motorcycle me across the country because I had never been farther than New York State.  It never happened (we only did the east coast) but here we are within four days of completing our journey …. We had a gorgeous day today.  It was mid sixties when we started shortly after 7:00 AM – but on some of the shady roads it actually felt a bit chilly.  As usual, getting out of the city is a hassle but we did it and we were on “back roads” within 10 miles.  Crossing railroad tracks still makes me incredibly nervous but they are almost always marked on our cue sheets so we have plenty of warning.

I think we go that way ….

The route popped us on and off of Bike Route 5.  I just love the back roads – even the ups and downs.  We went through Canastota, Oneida, Durhamville, Whitesboro, Utica, Schuyler and Frankfurt.  I realized I am now in WAMC listening area as many of the towns are familiar to me.

what a great spot for ice cream …

A long mellow climb after the second SAG today but tomorrow we “wake up” with a significant climb shortly after we leave here in the morning.  A reminder to self:  don’t eat too much at breakfast!  Speaking of eating, we are trying to “cut back” and get away from some bad eating habits we developed these last few weeks.  We know there is some food we just will not buy … but I can’t forget the evening Bob went for a vending machine (at MY request even) for candy bfars and the hotel had none!  He was able to convince the bartender to fnd some desserts in the closed kichen.”  Peanut butter cheesecake to die for!And a chocolate mousse cake.

Diane and Joel … two of my laundry room friends …

just to make us feel a little special …

The hotel had a wine & cheese reception for us at 5:00 PM tonight before our 6:00 PM dinner.  We missed most of the hor d’eurves because Bob had to have his right shifter cable changed and something with his brakes so we arrived a bit late.   But the dinner was good – I had a large very fresh green salad and the white fish and red potatos and broccoli/cauliflower steamed.  Very good and it was nice not to have to “go out.”

We miss our cat, Radar but we know he is getting great care and thriving on special attention.   And, every journey does have its end … More tomorrow ….

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One Response to Day 46 August 2, 2012 Liverpool, NY to Little Falls, Ny

  1. Marsha Martin says:

    You guys are the Best!!! You sure got that Love thing right! Who would have thought that you’d be riding a bicycle back in those days. 🙂

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