Day 47 August 3, 2012 Little Falls, NY to Latham, NY

Still cannot believe it … Day 47 … we have biked over 3,500 miles since we left home …. it IS a dream …

Morning above Little Falls, NY

the valleys from above Little Falls, NY

This was a beautiful morning – upper 60’s but comfortable air.  We were in a small town, Little Falls, so leaving was easy … other than the hills out that is.  We climbed for about 10 miles.  However the climbs had breaks and flat spots so it was really very beautiful and pleasant.  Another thing that is hard to believe … I am loving the hills.  I do not think I am any faster … but I feel like I am in my element.  Give me ups and downs any day.  (Although I guess the true test is the ride tomorrow into Brattleboro, VT.)

Hudson-Mohawk Bike Trail

Joel, one of our fellow cyclists from Virginia, trashed the bearings in his bottom bracket to the point where his crank also had to be replaced.  The ABB staff drove him and his bike to Latham to a bike shop but what a disappointment to miss a few miles.  We have biked up many a hill with Joel … the most memorable being the hill to Mount Rushmore.  We saw him at supper this evening and he is ready to go tomorrow.  I hope that is the worst thing to happen this week! Tomorrow (Saturday) we bike into state # 9 (Vermont).  This will be the most altitude we have climbed since Wyoming (5,500 feet).  Looking forward to it actually.  AND Karen is coming to visit for supper … ease us back to reality.  Looking forward to sharing the adventure with you.

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3 Responses to Day 47 August 3, 2012 Little Falls, NY to Latham, NY

  1. Marsha Martin says:

    Boo hoo. Will miss not seeing you in Bratt. Safe travels and enjoy your visit with Karen.

  2. Janice says:

    I ran the Hudson-Mohawk bike trail for the Albany marathon a couple of years ago. I can picture it exactly as I see Bob in the picture. Where are you guys planning to eat dinner tonight in Brattleboro?

  3. Jack says:

    Wow, Brattleboro! So near and yet so far away — it still seems as though you are in some distant land, on your journey east. I echo Janice’s observation above about that bike trail, as I ran that race as well. It was very flat and fairly boring because the field was so small that you were running by yourself most of the way. Enjoy dinner with Karen. Mo and I will be heading to Hamp for dinner, otherwise it would have been great to grab a beer with you. See you soon!

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