Liverpool, NY to Little Falls, NY II (8/20/2012)

Herkimer History … not diamonds …

Can you believe it?  We are biking again!  That is the good news … the bad news … only two days.  One of our ABB friends, Polly, had to leave 5 days before the trip ended to attend a wedding in England (Long story).  She thought she would finish her trip in October and those of us riders from the Northeast said we would support her.  Once back from the UK she decided to do the ride now … and had someone to bike with her from Latham, NY to Portsmouth, NH so we offfered to bike with her from Liverpool, NY (Syracuse) to Latham, NY.  We drove with Polly to Liverpool Sunday afternoon.  We had a fabulous Italian dinner last night at a place we found on Trip Advisor.  We then met for breakfast at 6:00 AM so we could be on the road @ 7:00 AM (of course, afternoon showers predicted.)

We deciced we misssed the hustle and bustle and all of the excited chatter that we had each day on the the bike trip.  We actually had time to lesieurley eat and drink coffee (ooops .. no coffee – the hotel machine was broken! unbelievable!)

So Polly and I headed out on our early morning commute out of the city.  It actually went very well and soon we were on quiet roads.  Polly and I biked well together (she didn’t appear to be waiting for me).  We found Bob and biked back to the car.

The area is green and lots of small farms and HUNDREDS of farmstands.  I did not feel nostalgic for home.  I know I have a refrigerator full of vegetables to eat as we picked our farm share up about one hour before we left home for New York.

So, just like August 2nd, the distance was 79.99 miles.  My average speed was just about the same as well.  How cool is that? I did not pay much attention to the time we got in  but Polly thought she deserved Ice Cream.  (Of course, we could not let her go alone.)   the city of Little Falls is friendly and “quaint” looking so we had a fun time strolling through the Historic Markers.  Back to our room to plan tomorrow’s “backward ride” (the route for the person who parks the vehicle and bikes back to meet the other riders.

I hope we have an opportunity to share tomorrow’s adventures with you as well.  🙂